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    Not All Climbing Frames Are Built Equal: Why Growplay Monkey Bars Are Unmatched for Quality

    At Growplay, we believe in the power of taking a simple concept, such as classic monkey bars for kids, and perfecting it. We have combined our own experiences as parents of young children, and knowledge as industrial designers, to create the ultimate free standing monkey bars for your kids. What sets Growplay apart from other monkey bars in Australia? Let’s take a look…

    Triple Rust Protection

    Rust can damage the integrity of the climbing frame and carry nasty bacteria. Obviously, this is not what we want our kids encountering when it comes to outdoor play equipment. A frame that is only single galvanized will inevitably rust around the edges. Therefore, all our Growplay monkey bars are triple rust protected, which means from the moment of installation, you don’t have to worry about protecting them from the elements. This protects from the wear-and-tear of wet weather, and salty air for those by the coast.

    Load Tested

    All of our designs are extensively load tested. As industrial designers, we have extensive experience in building strong structures, that last. Our monkey bars and backyard kids climbing frames, are built to hold up to 11 children at once, at an average of 60kg per child. Therefore, all of climbing frames, monkey bars and swing sets can hold up to 660kg, at any one time. Therefore, they are perfectly safe for lots of family and friends to come and play.

    Height Adjustable

    All of our metal climbing frames with monkey bars are height adjustable. This not only means that the outdoor play equipment can grow with your children, but it is also versatile for families with children of different age groups. You can adjust it an many times as you want. This is a factor that sets Growplay apart from a lot of the play equipment available outside your home.


    Our climbing frames are all completely freestanding, and easy to move around. Therefore, as your family and home grows or changes, your outdoor climbing frame can adapt with you. Our freestanding monkey bars firmly stay planted once installed, but provide the luxury of changing your mind, if the layout of your backyard should change.

    20% Thicker Frames

    The frames used to create all of our monkey bars and play equipment are 20% thicker than other options available in Australia. If the steel used for monkey bars is less than 2.5mm thick, you will see them beginning to flex when your children play. We want to avoid this flex entirely, for the safety of our kids. Therefore, in our design we have gone above and beyond, to use thicker materials. This gives peace of mind to parents, that their monkey bars are one of the most reliable in the market.

    5 Year Warranty

    All of our play equipment comes with a 5-year warranty agreement. Our monkey bars not only have extremely high-quality rust protection, but are created with full-length pieces for each section. This reduces wobble, and means assembly is very simple, fast and easy. We pride ourselves on perfecting our designs, but it’s always good to be aware of your warranty options.

    To learn more about all the exciting options available at Growplay, take a look through our website. We are selling out quickly, so be sure to make your pick soon!