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    • Add an accessory to create your perfect frame

    The Slim Monkey Bars are designed for small backyards and narrow spaces. Choose between Slim (Free Standing) which uses stabiliser bars (Gymnastics Bar and Tumble Bar), or Super Slim which uses concreted ground anchors to reduce the footprint. 

    Like our other frames, it's part of the 'Growplay Modular System', giving you the freedom to build on and grow your Growplay climbing frame for years to come.

    Both types include Monkey Bars, Trapeze, Dip Bars, Monkey Rings. The freestanding version includes the addition of Gymnastics Bar, Tumble Bar and a Cargo Net.

    Recommended Add-Ons:

    Free Standing Version:
    • Freestanding Footprint: 4m long x 2m wide
    • Ground Anchored Footprint: 4m long x 60cm wide
    • 2.5m long, eight rung, height adjustable monkey bars
    • Height adjustable monkey bars from 1.5m - 2.1m
    • Triple rust protection - Double galvanised and powder coated triple protection. Designed for harsh Australian conditions
    • 2 x concrete ground anchors included with Super Slim version.
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    Top View

    Side View

    Size Chart


    What's Included

    + Monkey Bars

    + Trapeze

    + Dip Bars

    + Monkey Rings

    + Accessory Bar

    + Gymnastics Bar (Freestanding version only)

    + Tumble Bar (Freestanding version only)

    + Cargo Net (Freestanding version only)

    + 2 x Ground Anchors (Super Slim version only)




    The Slim Ninja Packaging

    Slim Boxes

    Boxes TBC


    Super Slim Boxes

    Boxes TBC


    Ask these questions when comparing monkey bar brands

    How thick is the steel? 

    Growplay uses 2.5mm thick tubing. You will see a considerable amount of flex in monkey bars using less than this.

    Is it made from full-length sections? 

    Monkey bars that use shorter lengths bolted together for cheaper shipping can become wobbly.

    Will it look too big for my yard? 

    These monkey bars will be in your backyard for 10+ years, consider their colour and size.

    Are the monkey bar rungs welded? 

    If the rungs are screwed together they can become loose and twist, making them dangerous.

    Is it triple rust protected? 

    Growplay frames are double galvanised and powder coated. Single galvanised frames will eventually rust and deteriorate.

    Design is in our DNA

    Growplay is Australian owned and operated by Perth award winning industrial designers.

    We design and manufacture all our own genuine components and accessories to ensure highest quality control.

    Clever design… built to last!

    Growplay Monkey Bars have been developed to exceed what you've come to expect from domestic play equipment. Backed with our 5 year warranty, all our frames are rust protected inside and out with double layer galvanising, then powder coated in Growplay cool touch UV coastal blue epoxy to AS 4506-2005, ensuring they will never fade or rust.

    No wibble wobble

    Our frames are 20% thicker and constructed from single length sections, unlike some brands made from 1m lengths bolted together and designed to be flat packed for free shipping.

    At Growplay we believe a safe & sturdy frame is more important!

    Quick & easy assembly

    The clever modular design is made for single person construction. You won’t have to worry about which bit goes where because we’ve made it so you can’t mix them up.

    The freestanding design means no digging or concrete required.

    We’ve included all the tools you’ll need - just bring some muscle!

    Growplay Monkey Bars Perth
    Growplay Monkey Bars Perth