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Includes 17 Features
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The Ninja Fox X Includes:

  1. Monkey Bars
  2. Classic Swing
  3. Trapeze
  4. Parallel Bars
  5. Cargo Net
  6. Monkey Rings
  7. Jungle Rope
  8. Rope Ladder
  9. Tumble Bar
  10. Gymnastic Bar
  11. Fireman's Pole
  12. Accessories Bar
  13. Flying Fox
  14. Ninja Net
  15. Extension Kit Monkey Bars (1.8m or 2.4m long)
  16. FREE Ninja Sticks
  17. FREE Net Swing

The 'Ninja Fox X' is the ultimate backyard monkey bar set. Featuring the signature Growplay climbing frame and accessories, plus the Extension Kit Monkey Bars, Ninja Net and Flying Fox, this is the ultimate challenge for ninjas and monkeys! Plus, with our modular design, you can add any of our accessories to transform this frame to suit your family.

The free-standing design means there's no need for concrete, making it easy to move or dismantle if required. 

*Rendered images are for illustration purposes only. Detail design and construction methods of some components may vary. 


  • Includes 2.5m long, seven rung, height adjustable Monkey Bars and height adjustable Extension Kit Monkey Bars.
  • Monkey Bars are height adjustable from 1.5m - 2.4m.
  • The complete package for young monkeys & ninja warriors.
  • Triple rust protection - Double galvanised and powder coated triple protection. Designed for harsh Australian conditions.
  • No concrete or digging required - just peg into grass at the anchor points.
  • Stable, safe & secure - static load tested to 950kg.


Top View

Side View

Size Chart


What's Included

+ Extension Kit Monkey Bars

+ 2.5m Monkey Bars

+ Flying Fox

+ Ninja Net

+ Trapeze 

+ Jungle Rope 

+ Monkey Rings x 4

+ Tumble Bar 

+ Gymnastic Bar 

+ Rope Ladder 

+ Swing 

+ Fireman's Pole 

+ Parallel/Dip Bars

+ Cargo Net
+ 2.5m Accessories Bar

Ninja Fox X Packaging

1Box 1 of 7 220 * 70 * 6
1Box 2 of 7220 * 70 * 6
1Box 3 of 7 240 * 70 * 6
1Box 4 of 7240 * 70 * 6
1Box 5 of 7 227 * 16 * 6
1Box 6 of 755 * 12 * 12
1Box 7 of 763 * 21 * 23
1CN1 - Cargo Net26 * 26 * 17
1DB2 - Dip Bars 
1FF1 - Flying Fox90 * 24 *15
1NN1- Ninja Net30 *30 * 15
1MR1800KIT - Extension Kit Monkey Bars100 * 20  * 15
1*MR2400KIT (*If 2.4m Ext. Kit selected) 
1LD2- Extension Kit Ladder120 * 70 * 12


NOTE: Please do not sign for boxes not received if your kit is incomplete. 


Any accessories added to the cart may be shipped separately and do not make up part of the NINJA FOX X kit.


Design is in our DNA

Growplay is Australian owned and operated by Perth award winning industrial designers.

We design and manufacture all our own genuine components and accessories rather than using generic parts, so we can offer the highest quality.

No wibble wobble

Our Original range frames only require two stabiliser bars (and none on The Compact!), instead of four.

Quick & easy assembly

The clever modular design is made for easy assembly.

The freestanding design means no digging or concrete required.

We’ve included all the tools you’ll need - just bring some muscle!