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A Simple Guide to Climbing Frames for Toddlers

Climbing Frames for toddlers can be a difficult decision to make. They’re still developing their strength and coordination. What if something bad happens? What if they fall? Isn’t it dangerous? These are normal concerns that parents make when climbing and toddlers are used in the same sentence. After all, ladders are already threatening enough. Why should you add another thing to worry about?

Toddlers playing on their climbing frame

Contrary to popular beliefs, there are a number of benefits of climbing frames for toddlers. According to Neurologist Lise Eliot, climbing is a skill that children master incrementally. With help and guidance, children are more likely to develop coordination and balance faster when they start climbing at an early age. Moreover, there are a number of benefits to gain from introducing your kids to climbing. So instead of worrying, here is a simple guide to help you and your family maximise the fun out of your climbing frames while staying safe at the same time!

  1. Adjust Your Climbing Frames

Climbing frames vary in height, width, dimension and setup. They can be simple, but they can also be complicated. When you’re installing a toddler climbing frame for your child, it is critical to consider the capacity of your child’s physicality and mentality. A simple course to you may seem complicated to them. So, get them involved in your installation. They don’t have to talk to you. You just have to observe them carefully. Try out the design with them first before sticking to it. See how they go. Monitor how quick or slow they progress when engaging with the frames. It’s called kids climbing frames for a reason. They should ultimately be the base of your decision as to how you would assemble your climbing frame’s overall design.

  1. Supervise Them

Supervision is always advised when it comes to children and toddlers. This doesn’t change just because you have a climbing frame in your backyard. Your close attention is still needed. Accidents and unpleasant situations can be easily avoided if you are there to carefully monitor your child’s activities. Moreover, climbing frames should be a way for families to enjoy leisure time at home. It’s an opportunity for families — big or small, to get involved in the development of their child.

  1. Prepare for Unexpected Situations

Just like other activities out there, climbing frames are not fail-safe. They get dirty, greasy and wobbly which can sometimes result in kids slipping or falling. However, that shouldn’t stop you from providing something that can help your child’s development in the long-term. Instead, use this knowledge to do some research about maintaining your kid’s climbing frames and creating an extra layer of support for any future accidents that might occur. In this case, it’s always better to be prepared.

Overall, climbing frames are not something to be scared of. It’s an instrument that can help boost your child’s development physically, mentally and socially. It helps bring families together and it just serves as another reason to bond with your family. While the thought of a child on a climbing frame may be scary, hiring the right professionals can easily put your mind at ease. Take Growplay Monkey Bars, for example. It’s a climbing frames company started by parents for parents with their children’s best interests in mind. They designed their own monkey bars to accommodate the ever-changing needs of their growing children and they have been in your situation. So if you’re thinking about installing the best value climbing frames in your home, Growplay Monkey Bars can definitely help you out. Contact their friendly staff now to know more!