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Apologies for the oversight. Here's the localized version with weights and measurements adjusted for the USA:

The Growplay Monkey Bars' Ninja Net is an exhilarating addition to your monkey bars setup! Encourage your kids to stay active, spark creativity, and explore their imaginations with this thrilling accessory. Climbing to the top of the Ninja Net, they'll enjoy countless hours of fun with family and friends.


- Easy attachment after frame assembly
- Choose your size for The Compact or The Adventurer/Explorer frames
- Load rating: Up to 4 users, maximum 110lbs each

We design and manufacture every part

We design and engineer all our frames, accessories and parts in-house in Western Australia to ensure we produce the highest quality products that will last an entire generation.

We take pride in crafting the most durable and long-lasting monkey bars on the market, which is why we refuse to cut corners at any stage of the design, manufacturing, or delivery process.

Our monkey bars are made with thick, double galvanised and powder-coated Australian grade steel, specifically designed to withstand the test of time against the harsh and ever-changing weather conditions of our unique landscape.

Growplay Monkey Bars


Galvanised and powder coated Australian grade steel to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Growplay Monkey Bars


Quick & easy installation for busy parents, with no concrete or digging required.

Growplay Monkey Bars


Our patented safety features mean your frame will never lift or tip. Certified to AS/NZS 8124:2016 and EN 71:2018 Standards.