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Assembly & Installation Guides

Important: Product installation videos and PDF manuals on this page are up to date and supersede the printed instructions included in packaging. Please disregard instructions found inside the boxes.

Adult supervision is required at all times whilst equipment is in use.

Recommended Installers:

Click here to find one of our recommended installers in your region.


Adventurer (NOTE: there are two different box configurations for The Adventurer)

    - Kit Boxes:A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1 - Video Instructions

    - Kit Boxes: TA1, TA2, TA3, GPAC, MR1800KIT, LD1 (x2) - Video Instructions

Explorer - Video Instructions

Classic - Video Instructions

Compact - Video Instructions | PDF Manual

Additional Accessories/Add-Ons

Additional accessories vary based on your items purchased and are installed after completion of the Base Kit Frame (either The Adventurer, The Explorer or The Compact). Refer to individual installation guides below for additional parts.

Cargo Net on Gym Bar: Adventurer -
Video Instructions

Cargo Net in Swing Bay: Adventurer - Video Instructions

Monkey Bridge: Adventurer (Kit TA1-TA3) Download PDF Manual | Video Instructions

Monkey Bridge: Adventurer (Kit A1-A5) -Download PDF Manual | Video Instructions 

Monkey Bridge: Adventurer (with Flying Fox) -Video Instructions

Monkey Bridge: Explorer - Download PDF Manual | Video Instructions

Monkey Bridge: Compact Download PDF Manual

Ninja Net: Adventurer, Explorer & Compact - View Image | Video Instructions

Flying Fox: Adventurer (Kit TA1 TA3) - Download PDF Manual | Video Instructions

Flying Fox: Adventurer (Kit A1-A5) - Video Instructions

Flying Fox: Explorer-Video Instructions

Flying Fox: Compact - Download Manual 

Basketball Set (BBS) Download PDF Manual | Video Instructions


Fireman Pole - Video Instructions


1.8m/2.4m Extension Kit - Download PDF Manual | Video Instructions 

LD1 - Download PDF Manual

LD2Download PDF Manual

MR1800KIT - Download PDF Manual

MR2400KIT Download PDF Manual

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