Child Development

Monkey Bars: The Ultimate Exercise For Kids

Sports therapists will all tell you that activity on monkey bars and climbing frames is a brilliant exercise for all the muscle groups and a great mental stimulant for promoting coordination skills.

Climbing, hanging, swinging, and any other high-energy activities that build strength in their upper body and core muscles are vital precursors to fine motor skills.

Twisting, turning, dangling, and swinging helps develop the flexibility and agility necessary for rotating the shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers.

Pushing, pulling, tugging, and lifting themself up builds strength while developing an intuitive understanding of simple physics such as weight, pressure, and resistance.

One online blog titled “M is for Monkey Bars” details its value in developing physical writing skills

The fingers fold around the pencil which is held in place by the thumb. Together, all five fingers do a precision dance on the page:
a. placing the pencil at the exact angle to meet the page,
b. pressing down and maintaining the right amount of pressure to leave the imprint, and
c. coordinating the tiny up, down, left, and right movements across the page.
If any of those muscles in that chain of events don't do their job, writing his name will be a very hard thing to do. Which brings us full circle back to the monkey bars.