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Growplay Monkey Bars
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This is the ultimate in backyard monkey bars. Designed to fit in the average size backyard with a foot print of 3m x 3.8m. It comes with 11 features including adult dip bars and netball ring. Making it the best value monkey bars on the market.

Growplay Monkey Bars are made from a custom spec galvanised steel tube. Engineered in Australia and manufactured specifically for climbing frames to guarantee the highest quality.

All our frames are certified to Australian safety standards AS8124 and load rated for 500KG 

  1. Dip bars
  2. Netball ring
  3. 7 rung monkey bar.
  4. Trapeze
  5. Rope climb
  6. 4 swinging monkey rings
  7. 0.9m Tumble bar
  8. Adjustable chin up bar
  9. Rope ladder
  10. Classic swing
  11. Fireman's Pole/Junior netball pole