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The Importance of Outdoor Play

One of the biggest differences between this generation of children to the last is the degree of time spent indoors. Over the years, the way that we entertain our kids has changed. Improvements in technology have meant that we can keep our kids occupied in many different ways, inside the house. This is incredibly different to the way that previous generations have grown up. Along with technological changes, parents also express concerns about their children’s safety as a reason for reduced outdoor play. In conjunction with this, kids these days have a lot more scheduled activities, whether it is after school programs or extended hours of homework, sometimes things simply get in the way of having some time to play outside. However, it is incredibly important to encourage children to play outdoors. There are many benefits of outdoor play that can shape the way your child engages with their environment. Encouraging kids to spend more time playing outdoors is not only beneficial for their health and wellbeing, but it’s great for their social, motor, sensory and cognitive development.

Therefore, it is important to create outdoor play opportunities and actively stimulate outdoor play with your children. One of the best ways to do this is to set up a back yard playground area by installing some outdoor play equipment. This way, there is always a place for your children to go, to get this valuable outdoor play time. The space with be consistently safe, reliable and can act as an exciting reward for good behaviour. The benefits of outdoor play can be gained by your children, right in your own backyard.

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Physical Fitness

Everyone wants their children to grow up with the love of a healthy, active lifestyle and understanding of the value of physical activity. The more physical activity they do, the more energy they will build up in the long term, to put into their school work, into making new friends and having an overall positive attitude towards their day.

Playing outside is the perfect opportunity for kids to practice and improve their physical abilities. Outdoor play equipment provides the perfect opportunities to build important physical skills, whilst having fun. Using climbing frames can strengthen muscles, help with hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills and even make them smarter.


Outdoor play is great for a child’s socialisation skills. Kids can learn how to work together and make new friends. They can learn about sharing and cooperation, as well as how to treat others. Structured settings don’t provide all of the socialisation skills that children need. The playground setting is perfect for children to interact, and learn how to play well with others, whilst navigating the play equipment. This can help them learn important lessons like how to take turns, how to look after their friends, and how to include others.

Backyard play equipment is perfect for creating an environment where your children can safely play on play dates, so that they will always have an activity to do with their friends. It can also act as a hub to get to know the neighbourhood children. It is a great jumping off point to invite neighbours offer to play on the outdoor play equipment. The back yard playground is also a great place for siblings of varying ages to find common ground and practice looking after one another. Ultimately, an area for outdoor play can be an excellent addition to give your children the chance to develop their friendships, and learn those important social skills for later on in life.


Being outdoors and away from any technology distractions, children are free to think creatively. Unstructured play allows kids to make up their own games and activities with what’s available around them.

Outdoor play equipment can provide an excellent central point for creative thinking and imaginative games. Whether the climbing frame becomes a pirate ship, princess’s castle, or an obstacle course to race through, it can give your kids a chance to make up their own rules, create their own scenarios and work together. This can be a real bonding experience for siblings and for your children’s friends. It can also be a wonderful way to build those creative muscles, creating pathways in the mind, in a way that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Exploring Nature

Being outdoors is a great way for children to connect with nature and the environment. Children can observe plants and bugs and learn about how things grow and how the seasons change the environment. This is all a part of their exposure to the world, and their cognitive development. The different textures, colours, and even smells are excellent for their sensory development, meaning they are expanding what their minds can understand and the ways in which they can forms these understandings. Once your children have started to take an interest in the outdoor world, there are so many opportunities for learning. For example, they may become fascinated with bugs and want to catch some caterpillars to watch them turn into butterflies, or pick some flowers to make daisy chains, or in general want to learn more about the life cycles of plants and animals.

Outdoor play equipment can encourage children to step outside and explore their own backyard. Sometimes, half the battle is in getting the kids off their screens and outside for some fresh air, but with the promise of fun on the outdoor play equipment, they may be more eager. This can be a jumping off point, to explore the details of the natural world further.

Independence & Challenging Themselves

Outdoor play encourages children to learn about their own limits and abilities. Through trial and error, they can learn about how well they balance, how high they can climb and how fast they can run. Outdoor gives them the chance to challenging themselves. This might include working up the courage to go down the higher slide, or finish the entire monkey bars. This can be extremely rewarding. It can give children the chance to learn that having courage to try new things, and perseverance to something another go if you don’t quite get it the first time, can actually lead to a lot of fun.

Outdoor play equipment can provide a place where your children can challenge themselves physically, and gain independence in their movements and decisions as they move through the climbing frame. This can all happen within the safe environment of your own backyard. You can watch your children grow and build confidence, within the various challenges of the outdoor play equipment, and rest easy knowing that they are completely protected. This allows you to make memories with your children, whilst giving them their independence.

Energy Release

Some children have more energy than others, and it is important to find new, exciting ways to expend it. This can allow them to sleep better, be more focused, and even find socialising easier. Outdoor play is an important, healthy, constructive way for children to release energy. It can involve exciting games, engaging competitions or simply the thrill of getting outside and experiencing a different environment after a day at inside at school.

Outdoor play equipment provides an excellent opportunity for releasing energy, as it stimulates the imagination and presents physical challenges. it can be an excellent jumping off point for activities in the backyard, and a great reason to suggest going outside. It may even transform your child’s attitude towards going outside and exploring.

Encourage Outdoor Play with Growplay Outdoor Play Equipment


Encouraging children to play outside where possible can benefit much more than just their physical health. Growplay in Perth is one great option to provide a safe and fun play area to benefit your child’s health, wellbeing and physical development.

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