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The Importance of Outdoor Play

One of the biggest differences between this generation of children to the last is the degree of time spent indoors. There are many reasons for this, including an increase in technology use, scheduled activities and safety concerns which can contribute to children spending a large portion of their day indoors. Encouraging kids to spend more time playing outdoors is not only beneficial for their health and wellbeing, but it’s great for their social, motor, sensory and cognitive development.

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Why Outdoor Play is Important

Outdoor play allows children to explore their natural environment. They can test their physical limits, build self-confidence and express themselves. It’s simply fun. Being outside allows children to jump, run and throw with freedom which is great for their fitness, physical development and overall health. Not only this, but outdoor play is beneficial for sight development, and safe sun play allows sun exposure to boost vitamin D levels.

Taking Risks

It may sound scary to parents, but taking risks is an important part of a child’s development. Outdoor play allows kids to take reasonable risks which is great for developing confidence and learning from their own failures.


Outdoor play is great for a child’s socialisation skills. Kids can learn how to work together and make new friends. They can learn about sharing and cooperation, as well as how to treat others. Structured settings don’t provide all of the socialisation skills that children need.


Outdoor play encourages children to learn about their own limits and abilities. Through trial and error, they can learn about how well they balance, how high they can climb and how fast they can run.


Being outdoors and away from any technology distractions, children are free to think creatively. Unstructured play allows kids to make up their own games and activities with what’s available around them.

Physical Fitness

Playing outside is the perfect opportunity for kids to practice and improve their physical abilities. Playing ball games, running, jumping and skipping are all fun activities that strengthen muscles, help with hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills.


Being outdoors is a great way for children to connect with nature and the environment. Children can observe plants and bugs and learn about how things grow and how the seasons change the environment.

Encouraging Outdoor Play

Getting kids to play outside doesn’t have to be a big deal. For those without a backyard, it may be a little more difficult. However, taking time to visit the local park is a low-cost option. For homes with a backyard, making an area suitable for children to enjoy can encourage them to get outside more often. Monkey bars Perth is a great option for children of all ages, and fit well into the average backyard. Monkey bars can provide hours of outdoor fun in the safety of your backyard.

Encouraging children to play outside where possible can benefit much more than just their physical health. Monkey bars Perth is one great option to provide a safe and fun play area to benefit your child’s health, wellbeing and physical development. For more information about backyard monkey bars contact Grow Play Monkey Bars.