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We grew up in a time when running, climbing and swinging was a daily ritual. Our childhoods were filled with active play and our days were spent outside, playing and climbing the local mulberry tree. These days kids spend more time on the iPad and in front of the TV.

As parents we understand the joy of watching your little ones grow up healthy and introducing new physical challenges to them. We also know how important active play is and have never forgotten the simple fun of climbing. That’s why we designed our own monkey bars.

As qualified industrial designers we know a thing or two about building safe, quality products that we’d want our own children to play on, like we used to all those years ago. So we took to the drawing board with a passion to design an affordable, high quality, free-standing steel monkey bar frame for the Australian backyard.

Research and development, 3D modelling and working with structural engineers allowed us to jam pack our monkey bars with challenges to encourage active play for all ages. Our modular system monkey bars are height adjustable and quick assembly meaning that they are designed to grow and change with your family. As standard, our monkey bars come with 9 challenging features, are suitable for all ages and are load rated to 950kg.

Growplay Monkey Bars offers the best value climbing frames available. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and our friendly staff will be happy to answer them for you.

Dylan and Shane.

Research and Development 

All of our equipment is quality tested to ensure that it will endure harsh environments. 

 Powdercoat Testing

We test all our products through an accelerated salt spray test so they stand the test of time in coastal Australian conditions. 

Salt spray testing

Premium Protection built to last .

100 Micron UV epoxy powdercoat to Australian Standard AS 4506-2005 

Double zinc galvanized rust protection.

Independently tested high tensile custom spec tubing manufactured.

Tested to Australian standards AS 8124.6-2016

Stainless steel clamp inserts.


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