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    Research shows that encouraging free movement and active play can give children space to develop self-awareness, learn non-verbal ways of communicating and to get to know themselves and their body.
    • 2 min read
    Elizabeth Rae from Northampton has shared photos showing their Growplay Monkey Bars surviving the full force of the cyclone.
    • 1 min read
    We've put together a list of safety points to consider when it comes to choosing a climbing frame. These points are integral to have, in accordance with monkey bar safety regulations in Australia.
    • 4 min read
    • 6 min read
    At Growplay, we believe in the power of taking a simple concept, such as classic monkey bars for kids, and perfecting it. We have combined our own experiences as parents of young children, and knowledge as industrial designers, to create the ultimate free standing monkey bars for your kids. What sets Growplay apart from other monkey bars in Australia? Let’s take a look…
    • 3 min read
    Running, jumping, pulling, pushing, and balancing—these are only some of the numerous physical skills that all of us picked up from the playground.
    If you plan to install such a set in your yard or your family’s play area, there are many factors you can consider. Start shopping for a set of swings and monkey bars for kids with these ten helpful tips! 
    • 2 min read
    When the season calls for it, there will be many opportunities to spend time and bond with your kids. The activities you can do with them shouldn’t be limited to the indoors.
    • 2 min read
    It is relatively easy to assume that climbing frames are just for kids. While this may be the norm, it is essential to remember that activities involving a climbing frame can be for the whole family.
    • 3 min read

    Climbing Frames for toddlers can be a difficult decision to make. They’re still developing their strength and coordination. What if something bad happens? What if they fall? Isn’t it dangerous? These are normal concerns that parents make when climbing and toddlers are used in the same sentence. After all, ladders are already threatening enough. Why should you add another thing to worry about?

    • 3 min read
    An active lifestyle and healthy diet are both essential components for growth and development during childhood. Nutrient-rich food plays an important role in physical and mental development.
    • 3 min read