7-14 days for all other states

Deliver can take up to 21 Calander days depending on your location. If you have not received your monkey bars within 21 days of purchase please contact us via messenger. Status updates prior to 21 days will not be issued. 

Yes ! You can touch, feel and play on the complete set up at our Balcatta display center. For other states, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

Shipping cost can be calculated simply by putting in your address at the checkout prior to committing to your purchase.

The frame footprint is 3.8m x 3m. All the frame dimensions are indicated on the home page.We recommend allowing 5m x 4m so there is still room to play.

No unfortunately our monkey bars are all dispatched from our fulfilment centres and delivered to your door.

Yes from 1.3m to 2.1m

It is important to erect it on a flat and level soft surface like grass. It CAN NOT be installed on a slope. If you find it is rocking or wobbly then it's not level or assembled correctly. You will need to tighten the grub screws with some muscle, but never use an extension bar or hammer

Yes there is one peg per leg used to stabilise the frame. They are a requirement for safe installation and use of the monkey bars.

Yes there should be some movement in the frame. (Never loose) Ensure all screws are done up tight! They are designed to bite into the steel tubing.


Growplay monkey bars have been structurally engineered and load tested to hold over 500kg. that’s around 10 children weighing 50kg each.

Free standing means it can be easily erected and moved around the yard without the need to secure it in the ground or dig holes in your turf. You will still need to peg each leg in to the ground with the small ground spikes (tent peg) supplied. This crucial to the stability of the frame. DO NOT ERECT ON PAVED OR HARD SURFACES)

Flat packed in 7 large boxes measuring 2.4m long with a max weight of 20kg. which is about as heavy as a well packed travel suitcase.

All our frames are painted in Growplay unique blue and silver. It is part of our brand identity.

YES! Very easy, most of the components are welded together already for you. Your frame will come with a Growplay allen key and very straightforward assembly instructions. We also have a instruction video you can view online or on our Facebook page.

We designed them with the intended age group use of 3 – 15 weighing 50Kg

Your Growplay Monkey Bars are a quality product made of powder coated, galvanised steel. The warranty on the Steel Frame is 5 years.

All accessories have a one-year warranty.

They sure are! For international orders please contact us so we can get you the cheapest shipping rate possible to wherever you are in the world.

Kids love monkey bars!! Whether they are hanging out or climbing all over them. Both boys and girls enjoy playing on them equally.

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