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3 Ways to Enjoy Climbing Frames With Your Kids

It is relatively easy to assume that climbing frames are just for kids. While this may be the norm, it is essential to remember that activities involving a climbing frame can be for the whole family. According to an article published by South University, family activities can help strengthen the emotional bond between parents and children. On top of that, it also helps the family communicate better. The article also added that children perform better in academics when they can communicate with their parents and they have been noted to have exemplary behaviour compared to their peers. Now that we’ve covered the benefits of family time, let’s see how you can take advantage of the climbing frame in your backyard for family activities.

 kids climbing frames

1. Show Them Your Climbing Tricks

Kids are always changing their minds. Sometimes, they want to play with you. Sometimes, they don’t want you in their line of sight. When the time comes that they do want to play with you and there’s a climbing frame in your backyard that can handle 500 kilos of weight, don’t say you can’t because you’re not a child. Do it. Show them all the tricks you can do with the climbing frame and don’t hesitate to support them when they want to try it out themselves. Kids are curious and always eager to learn by nature. Help them. By being with your child when they are playing with the climbing frames, you’re not only strengthening your bond with them, but you’re also able to guide them better and pushing their creativity.

2. Do a Weekly Pull-Up Competition

Again, this is only if your metal climbing frames can handle the weight. However, there’s nothing like healthy competition to keep the family morale and tradition going. Besides, it’s a great way of introducing life lessons without being too serious about the subject. In fact, competitive activities are great for a child’s development. It sets them up for the wins and loses they will later experience in life, and it will also reinforce taking turns, empathy and tenacity as noted on an article in So start the ball rolling by organising a quick pull-up competition with your kid using your climbing frames at home. Make it fun, casual and of course, safe!

3. Use Your Climbing Frame As A Fort

This tip is not exactly a physical activity, but this is a family activity you can do during the spring and winter season if you’re not up for some workout. Although you can put up a fort inside your home, there’s nothing like a makeshift fort using a camping tent to look at the stars at night or just enjoy the fresh air in your backyard. You can use your imagination and let your child enjoy some outdoor fun while you enjoy their company. It’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s a win-win! Overall, these activities are only advised if your climbing frames can accommodate the weight of your family. It is highly recommended that the climbing frame is certified to handle up to 500 kilos of weight. This is a fact that our Growplay Original Climbing Frame set boasts about. Aside from sporting several features that can accommodate and encourage your child’s activity, the Growplay Monkey Bars Original Climbing Frame set has a chin-up bar that can be adjusted as your child grows. To know more about the features of this product and the rest of our collection, simply head on over to our website at!