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9 Tips to Buying a Swing Set with Monkey Bars in Australia

Children already love climbing, pulling themselves up, and swinging from rung to rung on run-of-the-mill playground monkey bars. How much more delighted would your child be if they happen to have a two-in-one playground set consisting of swings and monkey bars? If you're looking to buy a swing set in Australia, read on for our 9 tips!

Little boy using the swing set with monkey bars

If you plan to install such a set in your yard or your family’s play area, there are many factors you can consider. Start shopping for a set of swings and playground monkey bars for kids with these ten helpful tips! 

  1. Buy a set that’s age-appropriate. If your children are still very small, you shouldn’t buy a set with a maximum height that could endanger them. Shop for playground equipment that they can easily reach with their hands, climb up to, and jump safely from.

  2. Buy a set that can fit into your allotted space. Choose a monkey bar and swing set that has a space-appropriate footprint and allows your kids to engage in multiple play activities without wanting for space.

  3. Get a set that allows for easy assembly. The more straightforward the assembly, the sooner your children can go out and play!

  4. Make sure the playground set follows Australian Standards for Playground Safety. Purchase only from a supplier who has had their equipment tested for safety, for compliance to fall zones, and for structural integrity, among others.

  5. Make sure the metal is durable and sturdy. The best way to tell is to ask if the monkey bar frame has more than one year of warranty. In addition, with Australia’s climate, make sure that the frame is created from galvanised steel and is powder coated. The galvanisation and powder coating is a double protective layer.

  6. Opt for a set with grips. Kids often learn to clench and tighten their grips when they’re on the monkey bars. Why not improve their fine motor skills even further by having a monkey bar set with hanging grips?

  7. Check for a wide berth in the swing area. For swinging to be both fun and safe for your kids, they need to have ample space to their front, back, and sides. See to it that your kids can swing at ease in all directions, and not bump into each other, when they’re on the swing seats.

  8. Look for comfortable, hardy swing seats. Choose material that is a pleasure to sit on, but still hardy enough to withstand frequent use and exposure to the elements.

  9. Get a set with a colourful and eye-catching design.  Invest in a set that looks good even from afar, and that motivates your children to come and play on it often. That’s how you can tell you’ve bought excellent playground equipment that will last you longer than a season!

Have your children play for many happy afternoons in the great outdoors when you buy swing sets with monkey bars!