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Why Parents Love Climbing Frames

If you’re a parent, you will be familiar with the constant battle between ensuring your kids are entertained whilst also taking part in productive activities that help them learn and grow. Climbing frames provide the best of both worlds, endless hours of fun for the whole family while also teaching kids a variety of skills they will take with them into their teens! Learn more about why more parents are choosing kids climbing frames as their backyard entertainment of choice.

kids climbing frames

Endless Years of Fun

Kids interests are constantly changing, as they become older and increase their learning and knowledge. That is why it is important to invest in an entertainment solution that can continue to captivate and engage kids for many years. Growplay’s range of climbing frames are built and designed to do exactly that. Not only can kids continue to take full advantage of climbing frames as their skills, strength and confidence increases, but all frames are completely adjustable! Frames can be extended from 1.3m to 2.1m in height, so they are designed to grow with your child to continue to provide challenging fun at any age.

Less Time Away From Home

Between taking the kids to school, co-curricular activities and playdates, parents often feel as though they are running their own taxi business! As important as it is to ensure kids are constantly engaged and growing in multiple areas of life, having an ultimate play destination in the backyard of your own home can be a complete time saver! Investing in kids climbing frames for your backyard means less trips to the park, while friends will be begging you to bring their kids to your house instead! This is great particularly during school hours, giving kids activity options to last the entire day.

Child Development

The early years of your kids life are crucial for developing a range of skills that they will carry into their teen and early adult years. Our great range of climbing frames will become your kids ultimate playing and learning companion, helping them overcome obstacles, increase their confidence and learn to set goals. Kids won’t be immediately competent at using the climbing frame, but each day will learn which tactics and skills are necessary to play, hang, swing, jump and twist. Once they learn a new skill, they will feel and overarching sense of accomplishment and become confident in undertaking new challenges in the future.

Our range of Climbing Frames are all adjustable and freestanding, made with the highest quality materials and certified to hold over 660kg in weight! Browse our products to find the ultimate backyard entertainment solution that both you and your kids will love!