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Growplay Monkey Bars
Growplay Monkey Bars

At Growplay we know how important monkey bars can be for children’s development and the wide range of benefits they offer. Find out how you can integrate our climbing frames into your therapy sessions.

The Compact Design

The Compact climbing frame by Growplay has a footprint of just 1.9m x 2.8m, and requires a total area of 3m x 3m. It includes monkey bars, gymnastic rings, trapeze, monkey rings, rock climb ropes, rope ladder, cargo net and a net swing. Additional accessories include ropes, monkey bar extensions, flying fox, netball ring, boxing bag, gymnastic bars and more!

The Compact Monkey Bars

Uses & Benefits

As therapists see children with a large range of developmental needs, the different skills the Growplay equipment are used to target include: hand strength, grip strength, hand eye coordination, bilateral coordination, postural and core strength, upper body strength, motor planning, sequencing, proprioception, problem-solving, sensory modulation, self-regulation, confidence, emotional regulation.

Monkey Bars benefits


The Compact climbing frame is being used in therapy sessions by Pediatric Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists around Australia to target the large range of developmental needs of children, while being fun and creative at the same time.

AIM Therapy for Children in WA have been using The Compact frame in several of their therapy rooms and it has quickly become one of their most loved pieces of therapeutic equipment. Follow the link below to learn about the ways AIM Therapy are integrating Growplay Monkey Bars into their therapy sessions.

Monkey Bars for therapy

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